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The Day Began as Many Others

The Day Began as Many Others

The day began as many others. I awoke, dressed, made my coffee, and tried a yogurt for breakfast instead of my usual cereal or toast. Nothing unusual there. In fact little that has happened since then has been what you might call ‘unusual’, unless you lump the point that I did not take my morning walk, nor did I stop for a coffee at my usual haunt.

In fact I’m not sure what prompted the title “The Day Began….” other than it sounded like the lead in sentence you might see in a trashy novel. I’m not writing that novel though and while some may think of my posts as trashy I’m kinda fond of them. Most of them anyway.

Today is my birthday, and although that could fall into the ‘unusual’ category it’s only because birthdays in themselves are not ‘usual’. By definition usual means:

– occurring or encountered or experienced or observed frequently or in accordance with regular practice or procedure

Thus birthdays are not necessarily ‘usual’, at least in my mind, because they don’t occur frequently. That being said after 57 of them maybe they’ve occurred too frequently.

One thing did happen that was not in the norm. I got a phone call at 6:30 am telling me my Dad was in a great deal of pain and had to be taken to the hospital. This after I just checked him out of the hospital on Thursday where he was due to a similar incident. Not the call I really wanted.

After that I also g0t a call from my daughter, wishing me well and putting me on speaker so I could hear my grandson speak. He’s not saying actual words yet, or not many of them, but he can chat up a storm. And the emphasis he put’s into it is priceless. Things that warm cockles of the heart….

So while the day began as many others it is winding down to be somewhat different. We are getting set to go camping and my wife is taking me out to dinner. Now THAT is unusual. She doesn’t prefer to go out and this is a sign that she’s doing something for me. Aren’t birthday’s grand?

I Love Mornings

I Love Mornings

I love this time of day, the cool mornings where all is fresh and the ground is oft covered with dew. I venture forth for my walk and while the last week I have been taking a shorter route I still drop in for my morning joe.

I hesitated this morning however. It’s not that I didn’t want a fix, cuz I did, more so that I’m try to consider my costs. Being on a fixed income I should question that $3 a day for coffee. That’s if I only have but one. And truth be known I had coffee at home before I left.

This AM I stopped at Common Grounds, one of our few ‘real’ coffee shops. Not that Starbucks or Tim Hortons are not real, they just aren’t of the mom’n pop variety. I had my usual Americano, double-shot.

I think I actually prefer Common Grounds. The coffee is more flavourful, certainly has more crema. You get it in a real mug too, and even though it seems to cool faster it’s also more like really having coffee. Know what I mean?

Well my joe is done, time to move on. My morning walk will take me along a nice, quiet, picturesque route. Perhaps a couple photos are in my future.

Why Walking Into Traffic Isn’t a Good Practice

Why Walking Into Traffic Isn’t a Good Practice

I braved the din again today, marched along the highway against the onslaught of rushing traffic.  I guess you could say I was walking into traffic, as opposed to walking into the path of oncoming traffic, a distinct difference.

Unfortunately it was like most other walk days, there is a section of my stroll where I cannot avoid the main street, where my walk parallels the road and I’m constantly inundated with the sounds associated with large volumes of traffic. Inundated is maybe not the right word, perhaps accosted is, or assaulted. The bottom line is that I can only minimize it, I cannot remove or prevent it.

I occasionally wear earphones and listen to music on my iPhone but often that just adds to the overall experience of overwhelmededness (catchy new word) and that’s precisely what I’m trying to avoid.  Consequently I walk down backstreets as long as possible until I have no choice and I must then re-connect with the main road.

I enjoy the walk nonetheless. The fresh air (apart from air pollution of course) is invigorating. The exercise is necessary and is critical to my longevity and anticipated weight loss.  I’ve lost a few pounds already and hopefully the trend will continue over the winter.  I want to be optimistic but I’m also a realist and know that winter brings the yuck that de-inpires me (another new word) to get out and about.

A meandering path through the trees

On a portion of my morning walk I can hike down a dirt path that parallels the train tracks.  The well used route meanders through the trees and shrubbery and on mornings like today the sun was just beginning to filter through the trees.  There is no canopy so the sun reflects of any greenery or plants still with colour.  It caught my eye again this morning and made me appreciate life.  I’m grateful for my capacity to see the beauty around me and I must acknowledge my gratitude more often.

At any rate there was no traffic here, aside from a couple other pedestrians and the odd dog.  I was concerned about running into a bear though, they have been seen here and there was lots of sign.  Multiple piles of scat were visible but I’m hoping they’ve all gone to bed by now, or are searching somewhere other than near this path.  I know “hope is not a plan”, and my wife would certainly appreciate my not getting mauled, but it’s got to be better than walking into traffic.

Have a great day.

Morning Joe

Morning Joe

20121017-084225.jpgNow here’s some blatant advertising, a quick shot of a double shot.  Americano that is.

I am part way through my morning walk and thought today perhaps a little coffee break was in order.

Now this is where I become more than a little perturbed. Prior to writing this particular paragraph I had another paragraph, or two, composed (doing so on my phone) and when I went to save/upload the words of wisdom the upload failed and all my work was lost. I’m taking that as a sign, quit while you’re ahead.  Never fear though cuz I’ll be back.

The Gate

The Gate

20120707-201608.jpgA few weeks ago I was out on a walk with Madden enjoying the morning sun.  The summer smells enveloped us as we strolled leisurely around the neighborhood, I pushing the stroller and he dozed, in and out of attendance.

On one nearby street I spotted this unique gate, and inviting flora.  I could say “we” but he was snoozing at that point, or come to think about it he was likely just waking, making noises that inspired me to give him his bottle.  Babies can do that.

The gate provided a doorway and was guarding the front entrance of the home, maybe not quite guarding the front door but protecting the grounds approaching the door.  Perhaps creating a retreat the owners relished as much as I yearned for my holy place.  Establishing a sanctuary of sorts, protected from the outside world and yet providing all the comfort and peace such a space could afford.  An oasis in the desert of city living.

I was immediately intrigued.  What’s behind the Gate I wondered.  Does the enclosed space carry the same coziness and natural feel that the gate inspires.  Is it really a nirvana behind there, or is it only a facade that teases the mind and imagination into believing in something that really isn’t there?  I have to know.

So I’ve made an agreement with myself, and you too I guess, that on my next visit I will make another trip to the home.  I will walk up to the entrance, along the gravel path, hearing my footsteps crunch as I approach.  I will take in the aromas of the flowers and greens and in anticipation I will approach the portal.  I will knock, tentatively, and if appropriate will push gently on the wooden structure and peer inside.  I have to know, what’s inside The Gate.

A Walk, Into the Past

A Walk, Into the Past

It’s a beautiful day for a walk, the air is fresh, crisp and cold but not so cold as to burn your nose and cheeks. I don’t know exactly what inspired me today but I’m thankful, appreciative from the reprieve of blah.

Being the tech geek I am it seemed only appropriate to fire up the pedometer IPhone app I recently acquired and test it out. To be honest I have used it before but to venture outside with it may help inspire me.

About halfway through my trip, day dreaming about my new toy and taking in the beauty of the day, I noticed a bright red object lying on the ground adjacent to me.  It was across the street but as the sun illuminated it I almost immediately recognized it as a child’s firechief hat, laying there discarded and appearing as if it had been run over.

In that moment of recognition I had an instantaneous flashback to some earlier time in my life, it was a moment of clarity, taking me fully into the past.  But as quickly as the feeling came just as quickly it vanished.

I struggled to capture it again, the thoughts ran through my mind, was it a smell, a taste, a happy feeling?  What was the sense that was so quickly brought to me then stolen, like a sneeze that tickles your nose then evaporates as if it was never there to begin with. I looked again, the warm feeling brushed me again, but once again I couldn’t identify exactly what it was.  It was a childhood feeling, that much I knew.  So pleasant, so calming, I wanted to go back to that young point in my life where everything seemed so easy, and everything was happiness and glee.  But alas, tis not meant to be.  I struggled to recapture and hold the essence of that feeling, to identify it’s source and tap into it, but it was gone.  I failed to experience it again.

I continued my stroll with no further epiphanies.  To feel it for those quick moments was something, but I wanted more.  Like a fix to junkie it was a drug to bring me to a time place I’d been before, I just didn’t know when nor where.  I’ve had this sort of thing happen before, a link to a happy childhood passed, and I relish every one. It was enough though, even though I desired more, the uplifting carried me though the rest of my journey, it was a walk into the past.

In a Funk

In a Funk

I realize ups and downs are normal, I was feeling much more “up” before I think.  I want to drink, not a lot, but drink nonetheless.  Is it bad for me?  Well of course it’s bad, but is it really bad?  Is it an outlet to disengage from what’s going on around me.  I so feel like I want to be away, in some other time/space, not so much another life because for the most part my life is great.  I have a very loving and caring wife, a daughter that loves me and looks up to me (or at least I think she does), most things a man could want.

I don’t know about work, there are those in attendance at that location that like and respect me, of that I’m pretty sure.  There are also those that wouldn’t notice if I never came back.  I suspect that work location isn’t much different than many others.  I really don’t want to be there.  I don’t find the work meaningful, nor do I have a great rapport with many there.  Some I quite like and would love to work with more.  Alas, again I’m in a funk.  Booze or coffee, booze or coffee, which poison do I pick?  I almost feel like I want to cry, what a baby.

Maybe I’ll try a walk, now there’s thinking out of the box…….