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While “Escape” is the photo challenge of the week I don’t feel prepared to post the appropriate photos at this time, I may later. I do however feel a desire to escape.

The photo challenge description states:

“Depending on your current mood and headspace, or time in your life, this word can evoke different emotions and conjure a variety of images.”

This is so true, your emotions and moods do change, and at this time my mood is one of lethargy, and low motivation, and to grab my camera, escape, and seek out that perfect shot just isn’t a high priority. My heart just isn’t in it.

Perhaps that is the best time to escape though, an opportunity to get out and clear my head, to think of something else and have a change of focus. And why, you might wonder? Well, I am spending the bulk of my day in the hospital with my seriously ill sister and supporting my mother during this trying time.

I’m a bit surprised as to the effect this exercise is having really. Of course I knew it would be tiring but the rapidity with which the debilitating emotions took hold surprised me. It’s a more draining than I first envisioned and that caught me unawares.

We will soldier on though, we will do what must be done. Sis is moving forward, and even though they are baby steps she is taking they are steps in the right direction. She has many praying for her and the results of prayer and the Doctors efforts are bearing fruit.

Stay strong Brenda, feel the love. Escape your bonds and come back to us.

The Right to Write

The Right to Write

I just picked up a book, maybe it picked me up I’m not sure.  It’s called “The Right to Write: An Invitation and Initiation into the Writing Life”, written by Julia Cameron. I came across it in the book store while looking through the Psychology section for another book, read a few passages within it and it spoke to me.  It said “Buy me”.  Ok, of course the book didn’t really speak, but the content did.  I wasn’t really looking for a book like this, this being a book talking about “why” we should write, not how.  I was looking for one on other, more personal matters, depression and giftedness.

I was also looking for a book on Blogging, and quickly realized that what I needed to learn in that regard wouldn’t necessarily be learned from a book.  I can use some inspiration on the motivation of writing however, I’ll often have blank days, writers block, or the sometimes the ideas will flow but I don’t have a medium at hand to record them.  I try to jot the thoughts into my phone, and that mostly works, but later when I look at my notes I don’t necessarily have the same passion, the same drive to write, it seems I’ve lost the momentum.

She says in her book “For me, writing is like a good pair of pajamas – comfortable”, I think that says a lot, the writing should feel “right”, not forced and not necessarily always in perfect form or structure, although that is certainly preferable.  The point is to speak/write from the heart, pour your soul into it.  I’m trying.

Hard to be motivated, I hate my job!

Hard to be motivated, I hate my job!

For as good as I feel at home, generally speaking, I feel just about as crappy at work.  Really hard to be motivated and want to do a good job.  Whine, whine, whine.  I should be glad to have a job right?

I just learned yesterday that the person that was hired to replace me in my old position is now leaving himself.  I haven’t talked to him about this but I predicted this event months ago.  The organization is not able to fix whatever fundamental problems it has, and in this case they thought that by replacing me they would fix the problem.  Unfortunately I was not the problem.  One of the biggest problems that they have is that they don’t realize, or don’t understand the severity of, the problem(s) they do have.  One example is their employ of me, I’m a fairly sharp guy but they a) either don’t realize it, or b) they know and don’t care, or c) they know and care but don’t know what to do with me.  Any one of these options has a fix.  The single biggest issue we have as a company is our ineffective usage of our largest resource, human capital.

Anyway……I wrote in my paper journal this morning how my hand-writing had improved and I chalk it up to practicing, by writing more and more (by hand).  The same goes for physical exercise, the more you do the more you can do.  Even my Dad commented on that yesterday, how he finds it hard to walk but if he actually got out and did it more then it would be easier when he did.  Makes sense, no?  Anyway it also applies to our brains, the more we use/exercise them the easier it becomes TO use them and the stronger it gets.  This is not rocket science here. I am working on that part and I think improving.

This applies to my blogging also, rather than entering drivel put something down that can exercise our brains.  Hmmm, what to write.

I hope we can go out and get a campsite after work tonight, even though I’ll have to commute to work from there it will still be like camping part of the time, and that’s better than not camping at all.  It allows me to disconnect mentally somehow, to pretend I have another life, one where work doesn’t intrude.  Alas, retirement seems so far away.

Books, Motivation and what Blogging means to me.

Books, Motivation and what Blogging means to me.

Funny how books can motivate you.  Over the last number of days or even weeks I’ve had little desire to read anything other than fiction.  I’ve got Management books up the wazzoo, Self Help books and others, but recently I’ve had no desire to read them.  I think the position I’ve taken of late is that moving up the corporate ladder as it were holds no interest for me any longer.  Not that it ever did, at least not seriously, it was more that I was more interested in doing what seemed like the right thing to do, workwise.  Look where it got me, not anywhere I feel good about anyway.  So I took on a new tack, I read what I want to read which lately has been fiction.

Now, back to the point of this post, after my meeting with Gloria I began thinking of some of the books I’ve got in my library and thought I might want to read them, for me this time, not for some idealized reason of improving my lot corporately.  The other thing is that I’ve noticed that it increases my blog posts, I write more as I read more.  I come across things of interest to me, things that make me go hmmm, and hope that by my posting on them I can bring some glimmer of interest to someone else..

Now that hasn’t happened yet, the interest to someone else part, and maybe it never will.  I just need to be ok with my posting for the sake of posting, to help me understand myself, why I think a certain way or do things in the way I do.  Maybe what I see, or how I see it, that is the reason Gloria thinks I should post, what the depression and being gifted means to me.

‘Nuf’ said?