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Season’s Bleatings

Season’s Bleatings

‘Tis the season to be jolly, to share the time with loved ones, both friends and family. A time to enjoy one another’s fellowship and camaraderie, and for many a time to rejoice in their Savior’s birth. Gift giving aside it is a time to share and express kindness.

Why is it then that far too often what I see and hear from people are the murmurings of discontent, or the frequent platitudes of “Merry Christmas”, or “Happy New Year”, but uttered with a downcast look or the glazed expression of someone who wishes they were elsewhere. They (we) all say it like that at times, like so many sheep bleating out their mantra. They are….our ‘Season’s Bleatings’.

Is that cynical? Am I wrong? Has the Christmas season become one of giving only, and generating untold debt to do it? I hope not.

Somehow the holiday season is missing something (for me), and that saddens me. Neither Christmas nor New Years hold that charm they once did. It used to be a time of anticipation, joy, good cheer. Now it seems to bring me stress.

On a positive note I’m far less stressed than in the past. Whether I’ve matured, seen the light, or become numb to the holiday’s charm I am able to enjoy it more now than even a couple years ago, and that’s a good thing. Perhaps I’ve just reached some kind of equilibrium, maybe acceptance or tolerance, maybe it’s just my desire to see more positive in life and less negative, maybe my writing has helped. Whatever the cause I’m appreciative, glad I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not an oncoming train.

Maybe I’m turning over a new leaf, or perhaps as I age I’m just not as interested in following the masses. I’ve turned into an old goat standing alone on a hill, not a sheep huddling with the masses and sending out my ‘Season’s Bleatings’.

To all my friends and loved ones, enjoy the season, hug those you love and care for.

1 Holiday Down, 1 To Go

1 Holiday Down, 1 To Go

Christmas is over, that’s one special occasion down and one to go. New Years here I come.

Now this makes it sound like I don’t like the holidays, and that’s where you’d be wrong. I like them just fine, don’t necessarily love the season but certainly don’t dislike or hate it. I think it’s more the buildup and subsequent beehive of activity has leaves me now with a somewhat anti-climactic sense of blah.

Grey and overcast days contribute to the malaise, as does the withdrawl from sugar and high fat foods, and the desire to binge on the goodies and liquid Christmas cheer.  Look at me, I’m so hard done by.

It’s time now for the homesick, comfy clothes, the routine that signifies back to normal or the return to days without real purpose other than perpetual ‘do what you want’.  After all I’m retired now and my days are essentially filled with finding what interests me most on any particular day and doing it.  That could be anything from spending time on the computer, writing, shovelling, or doing laundry.  Such a range, such a life.

Did Putting up Christmas Lights Darken My Day?

Did Putting up Christmas Lights Darken My Day?

It’s cold today, bitter cold. Not the kind of day you want to be outside working, no sun, some fog, and enough breeze to put a chill in your bones. One of those days where the cold goes right to your bones. I had to do it though, go outside to put up lights I mean, it was only my procrastination and lack of motivation that put me there so late in the season so “quit your bellyaching” I tell myself, and move on.

20121111-untitled shoot-DSC_1048-copy
Christmas lights on handrail

It was putting up Christmas lights that placed me out in the frigid air, 2 days in a row no less. Mind you it was only about 45 minutes yesterday to put lights on the front of the house, maybe an hour today to put them on the handrails of the deck. All told not too bad, a small effort for a big reward. And todays effort took longer than it should have because I screwed it up the first time and had to re-do it.  I was afraid it was going to hate putting out the lights, I thought it might bum me out as that’s what it generally did prior years. For whatever reason the whole Christmas experience often ended up being a negative thing, hanging the lights was the least of it.  And it wasn’t the meaning of Christmas, I’m totally onboard with that.

I think the biggest cause of my Scrooge-like feeling was the stress it used to create, primarily between my wife and myself. It was partly the shopping, partly the ongoing house decorating, but I think primarily the big family gatherings. Now don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t family per se that put me off but rather the number of family (people in general) and the ensuing din throughout the house. I’ve never been one to thrive in large groups, preferring smaller more intimate gatherings, and throw into the mix the rambunctious kids all wound up from the Christmas festivities and accompanying treats. What can I say, I’m an introvert and happy to be so.

But I digress. The point is Christmas used to be a dreaded holiday, including lights, but now not so much. In some ways I actually enjoy the event of hanging lights , not withstanding the sub-zero temperatures. Dare I say that I feel somehow blind-sided by this turn of events. I think I actually might have enjoyed putting them up, and hold your flippin’ hat, I may want to put up more.  Maybe Christmas ain’t so bad after all, perhap the lights didn’t darken my day.

Tis the Season to be Soggy

Tis the Season to be Soggy

All I can say is Yuuuuck, summer is officially over.  Yes I know that technically it’s been over for a while now, and theoretically there’s also been another season thrown in there, but still, in my mind it’s just over now.

Tis the season to be soggy

A few things have forced this particular conclusion on me.  First, and in no particular order, there’s the snow/slush on the cars and ground this morning.  As temporary as it may be it’s still there and is a reminder of more yuuuuck to come.  Second, as equally depressing, is the occasion of putting the fifth wheel away for the season.  Yesterday I had to winterize it and take it to it’s winter home.  Lastly, it also means the gardens and plants have to be put to bed, no more flowers and chirping birds.  None of these are cause for celebration in my mind.

Many of you may look forward to the winter and what it typically brings.  I may at some point in the future too, although right now that looks like the distant future.  Winter brings the snow for all the outdoor enthusiasts, skiing, snowshoeing, but for me I think ‘shoveling’ and that’s partly where the yuuuuck comes in.  There’s also winter boots and parkas, sometimes bitter cold, and let’s not forget the lack of daylight.

Sure, it can be a beautiful season.  Yes, Christmas is in winter, and all the happiness that it brings.  There are good things.  But for me, right now, this minute, it’s yuuuuck.

I know this is a temporary thing, this mood.  And I’m sure I’ll get over it.  I’m pretty adaptable that way.

Merry $mas

Merry $mas

Christmas is almost upon us, the season is bringing us happiness and good cheer from most people we meet.  As with all things there are nay sayers and poo poo’ers, but thankfully they are few.  “Tis the season to be jolly”, to wish your neighbour well and find blessings in friendships and loved ones.  Much like Thanksgiving it is a holiday that should carry optimism and good will.

It is a season I personally struggle with most years, not for any philosophical or religious reasons nor because I enjoy being a Scrooge, but because I think we as a society have drifted from the original intent.  That purpose is the celebration of a Saviors birth, a sharing of gifts for the sake of sharing, not because we feel compelled to buy, buy, buy.  Certainly as a nation we cannot continue to support the “buy at all costs” credo, we are digging a hole we are not likely to ever get out of, and how much stuff do we really need?  It is for those reasons I find the holiday a challenge, and perhaps there’s a bit of $croogness in there somewhere too.

So I will try to moderate my ways and on a personal level try to become more in tune with the real Christmas.  I will continue to share good tidings, and the sharing of gifts, and I will count my blessings that I live in a country that allows me to do so.  Regardless of your belief I think we can all share in the concept that if we are good to each other the world will be a better place for it.

Merry Christmas