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Mr. Procrastination

Mr. Procrastination

My procrastination is running amok. And to top it off I’m not sure if the camping is helping or not.

One of the reasons we came out here, here being the local campground Syringa Creek Provincial Park, was for some R&R. After all, isn’t that why everyone goes camping?

I have some small jobs that I thought I might tackle while here, things like cleaning up and painting the trailer steps, replacing stack vents, maybe polishing the trailer wheels. Nothing too strenuous, and tasks that in themselves should take no longer than perhaps an hour each. Easy peasy. Just some time passers that help shorten my “to-do” list.

We also brought a wide selection of books, some magazines, a number of Suduko puzzles, and a couple laptops for writing and/or catching up on the cataloging and tagging of my photos. This is all for fun. As you can see, no shortage of entertainment or things to do.

Now this is where my procrastination sticks it’s nose in where it’s not wanted. I have so many things I can do, so many I want to do, and I’m perpetually stuck in the “maybe later” mindset. Whine, whine, whine. Quit your bellyaching. .

My failing (perhaps) is in having the mindset that I’m here, both camping and on this earth, to enjoy my life. You never know when it may end. I’m referring to our lives of course, not the camping. The camping will end when you get tired of it or when you run out of money and they kick you out for not paying. Wouldn’t that be an experience.

So I will let procrastination have it’s way with the to do list. I will walk, ride my bike, do some Suduko and perhaps read. I’ll do a little of each and try to find the balance. I don’t want to burn out after all, Ha Ha.

Occasionally I’ll also stroll the beach. It’s a beautiful campground and it’s situated on a large lake wedged between the mountains like a hotdog place between two buns. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m happy to be here, both on this earth and camping. We have a charmed life when you get right down to it.


So ‘Mr. Procrastination’, give it your best shot. You may wear me down but right now I have the upper hand. My challenge is in believing it.

The Day Began as Many Others

The Day Began as Many Others

The day began as many others. I awoke, dressed, made my coffee, and tried a yogurt for breakfast instead of my usual cereal or toast. Nothing unusual there. In fact little that has happened since then has been what you might call ‘unusual’, unless you lump the point that I did not take my morning walk, nor did I stop for a coffee at my usual haunt.

In fact I’m not sure what prompted the title “The Day Began….” other than it sounded like the lead in sentence you might see in a trashy novel. I’m not writing that novel though and while some may think of my posts as trashy I’m kinda fond of them. Most of them anyway.

Today is my birthday, and although that could fall into the ‘unusual’ category it’s only because birthdays in themselves are not ‘usual’. By definition usual means:

– occurring or encountered or experienced or observed frequently or in accordance with regular practice or procedure

Thus birthdays are not necessarily ‘usual’, at least in my mind, because they don’t occur frequently. That being said after 57 of them maybe they’ve occurred too frequently.

One thing did happen that was not in the norm. I got a phone call at 6:30 am telling me my Dad was in a great deal of pain and had to be taken to the hospital. This after I just checked him out of the hospital on Thursday where he was due to a similar incident. Not the call I really wanted.

After that I also g0t a call from my daughter, wishing me well and putting me on speaker so I could hear my grandson speak. He’s not saying actual words yet, or not many of them, but he can chat up a storm. And the emphasis he put’s into it is priceless. Things that warm cockles of the heart….

So while the day began as many others it is winding down to be somewhat different. We are getting set to go camping and my wife is taking me out to dinner. Now THAT is unusual. She doesn’t prefer to go out and this is a sign that she’s doing something for me. Aren’t birthday’s grand?

Why DO We Camp?

Why DO We Camp?

20120730-162440.jpgWhy do we camp, emphasis on DO as in why DO we camp?  I thought I knew the answer but like so many things now I’m doubting what I do and don’t know.

I think I’m in a funk, I’m “funking”, and while it’s not a terminal condition it is one that is nevertheless somewhat debilitating.  I’m not really in a bad mood as such, it’s not that my knickers are too tight, it’s more that I just feel tired and somewhat out of sorts.  Is it because I’ve f***ed with my meds? (that will be another post).

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The Pause that Refreshes

The Pause that Refreshes

We are beginning the second leg of our trips now.  We finished one tour of camping duty and have gone back out to battle the roads again.  Yesterday and the day before give us a chance to get caught up on laundry, pick up a few supplies, and take care of one or two personal appointments.  At least one of the appointments was for Dad, taking him for things like blood work etc..  The outcome of that was mentioned in “I Saw an Old Man Walking”.

We drove as far as the Colville Walmart last night, arriving around 8:30 pm or so.  Made for a long day but with some luck we’ll make up for it at the tail end of our trip.  I really do not like the drive-camp-drive scenario, much too tiring for me.  As long as we can get a few days of downtime after these first couple days we should be ok.

Spokane was the destination of choice today.  We only drove as far as Deer Park this morning where we came across an inexpensive municipal camping spot so we decided to bunk there.  $10 bucks a night is within my budget.  That’s good too because I blew the budget a bit while shopping at Costco.

Photo 2012-07-26 5 55 15 PMI’ve been a tad frustrated trying to navigate while using maps and reading road signs so an investment in a GPS was considered.  I didn’t have to consider too long though, actually it was a foregone conclusion.  I picked up a Garmin nuvi 2595LMT.  I hope it’s a good unit.  Too late now anyway but it’s always nice to know you made a good choice.

My posts are likely to be a bit disjointed from here on out, at least for the next week or so.  Nothing new you might think, but because we’re on the road it has been a bit more challenging to put up a good post.  Somehow the preparation on my iPhone just doesn’t do justice to the appearance of a blog.  I can get the content in alright but making it look at least a little interesting is more challenging.

I’ve been using an app called Penzu to write them and then copy/paste in the WordPress app when I get cell service.  I don’t think I can insert pictures as easily though and they seem to lose all formatting when I do the paste.  I have just used the WordPress app to prepare the post but I’ve also lost them that way too.  No chances are taken when I do it this way.

Anyway, I’m off for now.  Time to move on.

To Work, Or Not To Work, That is The Question

To Work, Or Not To Work, That is The Question

I received a call the other day, really it was an email but the purpose was the same.  It was a question, asked by the person who took over my previous role at work, “do you want to golf on Sunday?”.  Now that sounds like a harmless question, and it may be just that simple, however my mind went into overdrive and I pondered the “What ifs?”

  • What if he is really schmoozing me to find out if I want to go back to work on contract?
  • What if he’s not, and he just wants to golf?
  • What if he misses my smiling face and wants to bond?
  • What if it’s none of the above?

Tough questions, all of them….. Not really!

I surmise what’s really happening is my ego is acting up, setting the stage for an “I’m so great and they can’t accomplish anything without me” attitude.  I am thinking that in my deep hurt from how I left my career that I am looking for vindication on some level.  I also suspect that this response is normal, or I certainly hope so.  I don’t want to think I’m unbalanced or anything.  I’m not happy that I feel this way, thinking my ego is taking over, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to my way of thinking.

I did email him back and I told him we were on the road camping, that I’d be unable to meet him.  “When you get back call me” he said.  Does that sound like somethings afoot to you?  He has never asked me to golf yet, nor has he ever suggested I call him.   Hmmm, inquiring minds need to know.

When all is said and done and our lives get back to normal I’m sure I’ll find out what the scuttle is, until then I’m left wondering.  And the question is not only whether that’s what he wanted it’s also what will/would my answer be?  That is the bigger question now isn’t it, to work or not to work?  That’s the harder one to answer.

July 21 – On the Road Again

July 21 – On the Road Again

Our visit here is almost over. One more night, tonight, and we will be back on the road again. It reminds me of the Willie Nelson song…..”On the Road Again”…., I think it was Willie anyway. I’ve never been good at remembering songs or artists so cut me some slack, please.

20120722-200643.jpgIt’s been somewhat relaxing camping here at Bridgeport State park. The campground as a whole is quite pretty, and as I said in my last post where it’s not really my style it does have a certain charm. My wife gave it an 80% and while I wouldn’t rate it that high. I would say it’s probably in the top third. Of course that’s only measured from the places we’ve seen. As I said I’m a camping-snob too.

This location would be quite nice for groups of families camping together due to the open concept and the “circle the wagons” format of social camping. I, however, am not that social and I am a self described non-social person, not to be confused with anti-social.

The two are distinctly different in my mind. Where an “anti” social personality is against being social (hence “anti”) I am just more comfortable in situations that don’t demand or require social interaction. I am more the wall flower, or perhaps the strong silent type. In fact one of my favorite quotes is “It’s better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt”. I would search out and identify the author of the quote but unfortunately my Internet access is slow or non-existent.

So I’m non-social, have no Internet, and perhaps no personality or life. What am I to do while I’m on the road? I do like to read and if I can remain focused for long enough I can plow through a good sized book in no time. That too is relative but my reading speed and comprehension are pretty quick, faster than average I think. I was reading college level in grade 9 and although that was 100 years ago I still have the fundamentals.

Where I am challenged though, apart from my ADD and other obvious things (kidding, but only partly) is my disconnect from the ‘net. Blogging, and all it entails like photos, quotes, post formatting etc. are more challenging when you try to do it solely from your phone, utilizing only the apps you have available, and relying on your cell carriers coverage. It’s probably also obscenely expen$$$ive, as I’m sure I’ll find out, as my connection is strictly via roaming. I’m sure there are easier/better/cheaper methods and I’m equally as sure I’ll figure them out. That’s probably best dealt with under separate cover.

So anyway we’re on the road again but I’m off the information highway. You’ll have to bear with me and take my posts as they come, perhaps without some of the niceties, minus the lipstick and rouge. I’ll do my best but until we get back into Canada or I get good wifi somewhere the posts will be what they’ll be. Hoist one for Willie and the road.

July 20 – Pseudo Camping

July 20 – Pseudo Camping

We are camping snobs, you could say we have “pseudo-itis”. It’s a horrible disease, one where the the cure may be almost as bad as the illness, where the symptoms may not be readily apparent to anyone least of all those affected (or “infected” as the case may be). It can also be highly contagious as friends and family have experienced when they travel with us. I will try to elaborate.

As we’ve visited a number of campsites during our limited travel experiences we have determined what we do, and do not, prefer with regard to: privacy, or lack thereof, treed or open, big or small, and perhaps a natural setting or man made. This criteria is not the only means to measure our camping experience but it covers most of the key physical factors

Our taste typically runs toward the private, treed, large(ish) and natural. And to clarify, when I say private I’m referring only to the relative privacy each individual site has, whether you can be easily seen from the road or any adjacent sites, and can you be heard by other nearby campers. I’m not referring to Gov’t or private campsites, and won’t go so far as to say we will or won’t stay in either a state/provincial park, or alternatively a privately run non-government campground. Both equally run a diverse range of pros and cons.

While I thought we have seen (what we thought was) all types of camping I am still occasionally surprised, as I was today. I think this is where the snob”itis” comes in.

While looking for a spot to camp tonight we pulled into a State park in North/Central Washington. It was situated on a pretty lake in a small valley, a few trees provided shade and there was a number of greenspaces where one could play catch, toss a football, or just hang out and enjoy the sights.

The RV sites themselves left much to be desired however, with the available RV spots being on a large asphalt pad, divided up into stalls, and each stall being approximately twice the width and length of what you might find in any supermarket parking lot. There were a number of them all lined up, like so many rows of used cars. There was nothing green nor any break between the sites, you would literally be sitting in your lawn chair below your neighbors windows. Not my idea of an ideal situation, I would call it pseudo-camping. We chose to move on, the disease was taking hold.

After an hours drive or so we finally did pull into another State Park, this one on Wood Lake just outside Bridgeport. The drive up from the highway was somewhat intimidating, climbing up out of the river valley and leaving orchards of fruit trees behind. The gray/green desert scrub, sage brush and sand, appeared to be the only ground cover we could see and we wondered what kind of camping this was leading us into now. We were pleasantly surprised however as we crested the hill and descended back down into an oasis of green situated on the shores of the lake. Opposite this park, across the lake, were more of the fresh looking orchards, a tapestry of color lining the valley wall.

The camping area itself is very pretty, green and lush with abundant greenspaces and mature trees to provide shade on the days that require it. The sites are not private however and while there is abundant space and trees around, and between, each site they all back onto a large open grassy common area. As I mentioned this is not our ideal but I needed a break and the other positives of this location outweighed the few negatives. Our snobbishness was apparently in remission.

We will stay for at least 2 nights here before moving on. I say “at least” because we may decide to stay longer if another appropriate site is available. We have this particular site for both nights before a previously made reservation takes hold. If we choose to leave we will head off into the unknown to continue looking for those spots that don’t aggravate our condition. It may be a challenge but I don’t think so. I’m hoping there are fewer pseudo-campers than those of us with the illness, pseudo-itis. Keep me in your prayers and wish me a healthy recovery.

Our Time Here is Done

Our Time Here is Done

20120719-093542.jpgOur time here is almost done.  We will be on the road shortly to continue our adventure in the US.  That is currently the plan anyway.

We’ve been staying at our daughter and son in laws for the last 2 days and nights, to catch up on laundry and of course see the family (read that grandson).  I lamented the fact in my last post that we had to spend a chunk of cash on the trailer to get a wheel alignment done but that is done now and I think we are good to go.  Let’s see what the road holds for us.

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Lost in Time – July 16 Camping

Lost in Time – July 16 Camping

I will have to ramble again. My time is likely short and I feel lost, lost in time.

20120716-205316.jpgI’m alone for the present, I chose to stay back while others went to the beach. My options are: puttering about the site, reading, or posting. At this point in my free time I’ve chosen to blog, although because I’m ADHD I’ve tried to do all 3 and just just finished up with blogging.

My daughter and her family left yesterday morning but my sister-in-law, her husband, their daughter (my Neice) and her husband and 3 kids are still camping next to us. In addition my wife’s cousin and her 3 kids have also been camping in Herald and have just relocated their tent to the site next to the family.

I don’t want to sound like a stuck record but the activity is, at times, overwhelming. I’ve noticed that even my wife, who espouses the “gotta spend time with the family” philosophy has even retreated on a few occasions to her “castle”, which at present is the trailer. It seems even she is not immune to the vagaries of this camping life.

“Teach me to behave sincerely and reasonable toward every member of my family and all other human beings, that I may not cause confusion and sorrow to anyone.” -Unknown

I feel for my nephew who at times strikes me as being a bit submerged in the activities on any particular day. We have similar needs I suspect and where I have the ability (read luxury) to temporarily depart the hubbub I don’t know that he does. Or he may have the ability but like me on so many occasions cannot muster up the “stones” to do so.

I’ve lost my “alone time” and will have to wrap it up. The time is lost again, perhaps I’ll find it tomorrow.

Lights out, cya

July 14 Camping at Herald

July 14 Camping at Herald

Oh what a relief it is. The temperature has dropped but it feels to me like some emotions may have heated up.

It could just be me however, I have been known (or so I thought) to be a poor judge of so many things emotional and people. Funny thing is I used to consider myself quite adept at reading situations, and people’s moods in them. Are they mad or stressed? Now I just wonder, are they or aren’t they? Only their hairdresser knows for sure.

Apart from any possible sub-currents of tension I am having a pretty good time. I’m not too stressed at this point, and I don’t really see that changing soon. I certainly hope not anyway. I like it when we get time with my daughter, her husband, and our grandson Madden. I just love that little guy to death, but I think I’ve said that before.

Other family is here as well and although I also love them, and enjoy spending time with them (most of the time anyway), there are moments where I miss my quiet times. I would love nothing more than just being alone for a while, in my castle. That would be my yard, or on my deck surrounded by my roses. There is no one but myself that I can charge with the responsibility of my happiness though. It’s up to me to make my bed isn’t it, it’s not up to anyone else to make me happy.

20120715-113658.jpgWe went on a bit of a family walk this morning up to Margaret Falls. It’s a local touristy thing, a walk through the forest along a meandering stream. That doesn’t truly paint the picture though, the forest is lush in sections with dappled sunlight, and the stream is fast and turbulent. A beautiful walk nonetheless, a calm in a sea of chaos.

I am getting some quiet time now though. It’s what’s allowing me to write this and I fear at any moment it will be cut short as family arrives back from the beach.

My wife and I offered to babysit as the “kids” went back to the beach to swim and paddle board. They don’t often have the opportunity to escape together so this was good for them, they can spend some alone time and we can contribute by caring for Madden. I had just taken him for a long walk while others napped so they actually had a good couple hours of aloneness already. It’s good for them. It’s good for me.

Supper will be ready shortly so this little hiatus of mine will end. I’ll be lucky to have anything meaningful posted by then, or so I suspect, but with some luck I can come back to it, if it’s not completed. Here’s hoping.