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By the Fire

By the Fire

I sit by the fire wondering, what’s my next move. Stay or go, stay or go?

Shall I stay here, outside, and gaze into the flames, pondering life and other things as deep. Or, should I leave the warmth and camaraderie of the campfire and set up inside the trailer? Take my book and find my place on the couch, or move directly to bed to continue reading there?

The flames hold a certain allure to be sure but the cheesecake and the comforts of home also have their appeal.

I, or we, have been camping for a few days now. I have been here alone for part of it while my wife had joined me for the weekend. I expect to remain, alone, for at least a few more days.

It’s much like my solitary journeys, this camping alone. I’ve taken solo trips, one man vacations as it were, and find them a mixture of loneliness and singular opportunities to learn things about oneself.

Others may scoff. You shouldn’t take vacations apart, it’s not good, you shouldn’t need to, it’s a sign of marital discord, the list goes on. Perhaps those reasons are true, and in some cases I’m sure they often are, but there are likely as many reasons why they are not. I look at those professing those opinions and wonder, are they better off? Are they happier? Do they have the key? You see these are some of the questions I ponder.

Camp, Camp, Camp Away

Camp, Camp, Camp Away

Day 1 of our camping trip is under our belts, how many days we have left is open for discussion but it should be at least 18. That’s a good long time on the road.  Will we survive it, that is the question.

20120706-170359.jpgLast night we spent the evening at Christina Lake, in the Gladstone Provincial Park. We had a beautiful spot situated on the plateau with a view of the lake through the trees. Many of the sites in the park, those not on the lower level, are on a side hill above the plateau and while they are still nice camping spots they did not afford the view we enjoyed.

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