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The Essence of Spring

The Essence of Spring

The essence of spring is in the air and I fully intend to inhale it fully today and use it’s power to invigorate my soul.

My Angels

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

We’ve finally had some sun for more than 2 days running now and it’s amazing the effect it has on life. People are out in drove, either just enjoying the weather or looking at new cars, perusing garden shops, or working in their yards readying them for the new season.  I plan to spend my day doing the latter, actually 2 of the latter, going to the garden store and readying my yard.  Gardening can be a catharsis.

I find the effort spent today will invigorate me, it will build optimism in me, it will inspire me.  Whether it’s the sun or the exercise, the communing with nature, or just the opportunity to wipe some tasks off my list, it generally builds my mood and assists me in looking at the good in life.
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Stop….and Smell the Roses

Stop….and Smell the Roses

Now I know the title sounds like one of my previous posts “Wake up and Smell the Roses” but it’s not just a replay, really.  Todays title is the actual saying, albeit punctuated differently, and it really has some merit.  It is also one of the credos I will try to follow over the next number of months.

I’m still struggling a bit with this retirement thing, the big “R”, and whether it’s early retirement or not the challenge for me is the same.  I see so many things I can do, so much I should do, that I overwhelm myself and in the end do very little of either.  What I need to do is chill, take a breath and a break, and don’t fuss over jobs that call out to be done, they’ll be there another day.  It’s all about the balance isn’t it?

Magnolia in bloom

Yesterday was a good example of a day spent in balance.  I worked for a short time in the yard, took a walk for my health, cleaned the bathrooms (don’t fall over), and posted to my blog.  When all was said and done I felt pretty good.  I don’t have any roses I can smell but I do have a lovely Magnolia tree blooming in my backyard.  Every year I look forward to seeing it in all it’s majesty, and stopping to gaze at it frequently brings me calm in a busy day.

In trying to bring order to my days I’m still thinking a master “to do”  list will be beneficial.  I can complete one or two items a day from the list and still feel a sense of accomplishment, while maintaining some personal time and an opportunity to reflect.  Exercise will fit into that schedule as well, or it should, and my day will end up being more well rounded.

I was planning on seeing Dad today and that’s one of a number of jobs/tasks that needed to be done.  I shouldn’t call it a j0b/task really,  because it is after all caring for my father and family time should not fall into that category.  Helping him should be done for love and compassion, not out of some sense of “have to”.  It was something that had to be done and git it done I did (how”s that for proper English?).  Trying to maximize my travelling time I did create a list of things to accomplish while out and I feel pretty successful in getting 90% of them done.  I went pretty steady but at this stage in my life I think “steady” is a relative term.

With this post wrapping up I think taking a brisk walk will round out my afternoon nicely.  I have our dinner planned, most of my chores have been completed and it’s an opportunity for a little “me” time.  Who knows, on my walk I may come across a few of the flowering beauties and truly Stop…..and smell the roses.

Maddy and Mom

Maddy and Mom

Not being as organized as I could be perhaps I did not make it to my journal this morning. I may write in it later but for now this will have to suffice.

After a quick breakfast and some endearing words to my wife I loaded up the truck and went off to help a friend disassemble an old tin shed. After taking it to it’s new location at the dump I returned home for lunch and to pack a couple days worth of clothes for a short trip to Kelowna. This is one of the blessings that an early retirement can afford you, spontaneous trips to see grandchildren.

Photo 2012-04-26 10 25 43 PM
Madden and Mom

We are off to see our new grandson, his Mommy and Daddy too of course, and I can’t wait to hold him in my arms. It’s amazing what kind of an impact a new baby can have on you, especially a grandchild. The yearning you feel for them when they are away from you is difficult to describe. I’ve often heard that exact thing said but until the occasion occurs in your family, and to your daughter, it doesn’t really sink in. He has just attached himself to our hearts and the pull that he generates over us is indescribable.

We will take over most of the night feedings while we are there, giving both parents an opportunity to catch up on their sleep. Until he sleeps a little longer during the night the frequent feedings will take their toll on Mom and Dad. It’s something we have all gone through but we want to be as supportive as possible and take as much of the strain off them as we can. They will also be able to go out on a date night, another experience that will take place less frequently and will be more appreciated. We are not doing this only for them as we have our ulterior motives as well. Any time we can spend with the baby will be time well spent.

“Time spent laughing is time well spent.”
J.C. Phillipps, Wink: The Ninja Who Wanted to be Noticed

I have something to say, but I don’t know what…

I have something to say, but I don’t know what…

I have something to say, can’t tell you what it is.  It’s like an itch I can’t scratch, a sneeze that lingers just out of reach, a love you can’t connect with.  I may be rambling but there are words somewhere inside me that yearn to get out, if I speak (or write) enough I’m bound to find them.  I’m not at a loss for words but my words are lost.

This will be my 3rd post in 2 days, not a record I’m sure but I haven’t been this prolific in quite a while.  Can’t explain it, just is.  Could be because I’m in a good space.  I’m spending time with my daughter and family, visiting my 2 week old (today) grandson, and I got the news yesterday that I can retire from my job 3 weeks sooner than originally planned..  All in all a good place to be.

I showed one of my posts to my wife last night, the first time I’ve ever done that.  She knows I blog but up until that point I have never told her or anyone else where my blog is, nor it’s name.  I’m not ashamed of it but there are posts that may not be received in the manner in which they were intended.  Some of my earlier posts were more “venting” in nature and part of my healing, a journal of my journey so to speak.

So I’ve said enough for now, but still really not scratched that itch.  It’s still there waiting to resurface, to be dealt with another day.  It’s still on the tip of my tongue but just beyond reach.  Elusive and teasing me.  Waiting…..