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Out, and In the Clear

Out, and In the Clear

In my efforts to be security conscious when away from my home network I’m using a VPN as I write this. I’m in one of my favourite haunts, a local pub, and while I’m sure nothing will happen (read that I ‘hope’ I don’t get hacked) I felt it prudent to use some safety measures when going online. So far it’s done nothing but frustrate me to no end. I think I’m going to resort to taking my chances with the VPN off. Arghh.

I’m out of the hospital now, have been for almost a week. That was something I hope I never have to experience again. Colon surgery can be a cake-walk I’m sure, but not so much if you ask me. In reality the surgery itself went well, I assume anyway as I was out for all of it. It was the post-op that was not so fun. Between the noisy ward, my discomfort from a bloated belly, sore back, lack of sleep, and general stress related to not wanting to be there, I did not have any fun. Throw in a stomach tube and my visit to the hospital was golden.

Add to that I was discharged on Wed. after a week, later than hoped, and then due to a torn incision I had to be re-admitted via Emerg on Friday, a day and a half after leaving.

On a positive note the second visit was generally much more pleasant. My bloating began to diminish after a day or so and due to crowding in the hospital I was kept in the post-op recovery ward which was much quieter and relaxing (relatively).

As my gut shrank and my bowels began working again my appetite improved, and I actually became ravenous for food. I truly looked forward to the hospital meals, actually enjoyed them if that’s not weird. I’m not a broccoli fan either but when my dinner plate arrived with a healthy dose of it on it I basically inhaled it and almost licked the plate.

I was released again, for the final time, 3 days later on Monday. Thankfully now that I’m home I’ve not looked back and I’m improving daily. I’m thankful for that, and that nothing of note was found in the biopsy.

While I’m glad we’ve had a happy ending it was not an experience I want to revisit again soon.



While “Escape” is the photo challenge of the week I don’t feel prepared to post the appropriate photos at this time, I may later. I do however feel a desire to escape.

The photo challenge description states:

“Depending on your current mood and headspace, or time in your life, this word can evoke different emotions and conjure a variety of images.”

This is so true, your emotions and moods do change, and at this time my mood is one of lethargy, and low motivation, and to grab my camera, escape, and seek out that perfect shot just isn’t a high priority. My heart just isn’t in it.

Perhaps that is the best time to escape though, an opportunity to get out and clear my head, to think of something else and have a change of focus. And why, you might wonder? Well, I am spending the bulk of my day in the hospital with my seriously ill sister and supporting my mother during this trying time.

I’m a bit surprised as to the effect this exercise is having really. Of course I knew it would be tiring but the rapidity with which the debilitating emotions took hold surprised me. It’s a more draining than I first envisioned and that caught me unawares.

We will soldier on though, we will do what must be done. Sis is moving forward, and even though they are baby steps she is taking they are steps in the right direction. She has many praying for her and the results of prayer and the Doctors efforts are bearing fruit.

Stay strong Brenda, feel the love. Escape your bonds and come back to us.

Another Day

Another Day

Today is another day and the day has begun as the last couple of days have here, here being in Edmonton, Alberta. The coffee is brewing and the mush (porridge) is awaiting our lips.

We are here for reasons not desirable, reasons undesirable in fact, reasons no one wants to have, that of coming to see a family member that is critically ill in the hospital. In this case it’s my sister who had surgery last Friday, and, as a result of post surgery complications has reached what the doctor has determined is “a life threatening” condition.

At this time she is holding, perhaps gaining some ground, but still in a tenuous place. She’s a fighter though and we have the belief she will pull through, pull through to share another day.

Another Late post

Another Late post

It’s been a while since I last posted, almost a week.  Mostly we’ve just been on the road but there have been periods with no cell service as well. Poor excuses all really.  G says I shouldn’t worry about not journalling every day but if this blog does become read it’s important to be consistent, or followers may drop it.  I suppose that’s a minor concern and really the issue is my being consistent.

Aside – I’ve begun rereading the book “Emotional Alchemy” and it has refocussed my attention.  I have slipped in a number of my interactions and some of my responses to others are becoming inappropriate in that I’m snapping and being short.  I do this in reaction to comments being made by them, to or around me.  I can do better.  Typically my shortness is with my wife Mo, and where I find her comments lead me to react in a certain fashion she is not deserving of my shortness with her, nor any rudeness I may feel to obliged to treat her with.

The current chapter in the book is comparing the progress and setbacks one encounters as being analogous to one’s journey through drug or other chemical addictions, often making significant progress and then suffering setbacks.  It states, as far as brain function goes, there is a parallel between emotional habits and addictions.  It has to do with the dopamine balance in parts of the brain, and the quantity of receptors that are in use.


Update on Dad, he’s been taken back to emergency complaining of hallucinations.  I feel very torn, on the one hand feeling very concerned for him and what to become of him, on the other tired of the frequent hospital visits. And that makes me feel bad, rather I feel badly of myself thinking that way.  I don’t feel like the shining example of a son that I’m seen to be by some others.  But hey this shouldn’t be about me, he is the one that is potentially on his last legs .  But hey again this is my blog and IS supposed to be about me and my feelings of the things that are happening to and around me.