Moze and Madden

Moze and Madden

Moze and Madden

Nothing more beautiful, more powerful, than the love of a grandparent for their grandchild. I’m constantly reminded of this every time I visit my daughter and family.

I’m especially cognizant of it when I gaze at the lampblack sketch that was done of my wife and our grandson. It was a birthday gift for my wife, done from one of the many photos I took of the pair.

We came across the artist’s display while passing through a local mall and were taken by the beauty of his work. Many of his pieces were of animals or birds but those done of children or couples piqued our interest. I had the perfect photo in mind for him to duplicate, one of my wife lovingly feeding Madden. One where her caring gaze over his shoulder stirred my imagination. Her love for him will be forever captured.

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